Small Business Payroll Services (SBPS) partners with your business to provide payroll and payroll tax guidance, compliance and management solutions.  The selection of a payroll service partner that is willing to understand your needs can prove to be a powerful management tool.  SBPS believes that the outsourcing of payroll should always save you time and money, as well as provide a level of confidence to ensure complete peace of mind. 


Professional, Personal and Reliable quality services facilitate the reduction of operating costs and allows for focus on your core business.  The philosophy of exceptional customer service is an absolute necessity that is guaranteed to every client.  Your partnership with SBPS will be a unique relationship based on your specific needs.  The relationships that are established with team members are valued and treated with the utmost respect and level of integrity that the industry has to offer.  Anything less is simply unacceptable. 

Small Business Payroll Services offers premium payroll services, complete tax deposit, filing and reporting compliance.  When you choose to partner with SBPS we evaluate your needs and customize all aspects of the payroll and payroll tax process to your specifications.  You designate the pay frequency and SBPS compiles the records, provides payment via check, direct deposit or a combination of the two.  SBPS serves as your reporting agent to all federal, state and local taxing agencies.  Reporting agent status allows SBPS to deposit tax payments and file all required tax documents, as well as manage issue resolution.  A continuous audit of your account allows for the tracking of wage and tax requirements.  SBPS will gladly track accruals, benefits and garnishments.


We also will provide payments to the designated payee based on your specifications.  Team members at SBPS will gladly work with your current insurance, financial and/or retirement advisors to ensure that all benefits and payments are properly accounted for and maintained.  For those clients interested in an evaluation comparison of their current benefits package we will foster a relationship with our specialized associates who will work with you to ensure that you are maximizing your potential.


Small Business Payroll Services is dedicated to providing every partner with Professional, Personal and Reliable quality service.  Partnering with SBPS for all your payroll and payroll tax needs is truly that simple!